For the professional Organ Owner and those who have or are in charge of Mechanical Organ Collections, Peter has designed a non invasive Midi System, ( which does not require any organ pipe work to be cut or interfered with,) for book playing organs of all size keyframes, keyed or keyless. This system allows

the operator the freedom to play the organ continually, without the need to change the book after every tune, but if you should want to play via the original book method, just lift off the system and put a book through, it’s as easy as that  !!

These units are custom made to fit the individual keyframe.

Depending on demand and show commitments, our lead time to build to order one of these systems, is six / eight weeks from the date of order.



We also build Music Book Scanners, to enable the music from your original books, to be scanned into an electronic format and played through the above Midi System when fitted.

We design and build these specialized systems to order, with high quality circuit boards. They are built very robustly to ensure they will provide a good reliable service.  Our most popular unit features a duel reader giving optimum versatility up to 128 notes.

Please contact us to find out the various options we are able to offer for your particular organ, and to discuss the feasibility of any special requirements you may have.



A Book Scanning Service for both keyed and keyless systems is also available

from us, please enquire.



The decorative wooden carvings we supply are produced by us as a first copy from original carvings, saved from original organ facades dating back as far as 1900.

We are in the process of compiling an on-line catalogue of the many carvings we have for reproduction, please check regularly as the listing of these will take a little time, but will be added to in sections, until the listing is complete. In the meantime please contact us direct for any specific requirements you may have

in this field.