Busker 20 Note Organ Deluxe Kit



Leather for Valves; the four thick pieces are for the bellows valves, fitted shiny side up. The thinner piece is for the spill valve, smooth side to be glued.
Chamois Leather; for the pipe stoppers.
Thin Wall Metal Tubing; cut this into 15 mm. pieces by rolling under a sharp knife.
Rubber Seal for Pressure Box Lid; cut as diagram to ensure full seal.
Rubber Drive Belt for Idler Wheel.
Foam Strip; for the seal on reservoir and tracker bar base.
Bellows Connecting Hose; 5”
P.V.C. Tubing; 1/4 “ and 5/16 “ each pipe should be drilled through its mounting plate or block, for the tubing to be a snug but not too tight fit, a push in fit is all that is required. Avoid any sharp bends in the tubing and keep lengths to a minimum.
Leather for Bellows; make paper patterns to mark out the leather, cut out the six pieces as marked, then glue the central seam with P.V.A. giving about ½ “ overlap and chamfering off the edge as shown. Glue to the wood with care, a very thin amount should be brushed into the leather and onto the wood, and preferably clamped until dry. Avoid getting any glue onto the folding parts, brush talcum powder around the folding gussets.

If there are any other parts that present you with problems, let us know, we may be able to help.


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