Midi File Player / Recorder – 1 switch, flat top



Our Midi File Player / Recorders are machined and built in house. They use two specifically designed circuit boards.

We offer two case styles, one with a flat top and the other with a sloping top.

Both case styles are available with the option of one or two switches, the latter is recommended if to be used with an internal battery as the main power supply, the second switch allows the user to turn off the back light to the LCD display, thus saving power, however both versions can be used with either a battery or a mains power supply.

Midi Files can be simply put straight on to the SD card or into folders to create easy reference for different categories of music ie: Classical – Pop — Marches etc.

Several different functions can also be pre selected in your playback method, such as –Play the ‘Directory Once’—Play a ‘Single Tune Once’—‘Play all Tunes and Repeat’ or choose the ‘Random Play’ function.

The Record function is very useful if the unit is to be used with other equipment ie : — a Music Scanner or Keyboard.

The Player will be supplied with :
1 x PP3 9v Battery
1 x Remote Control ( Hand Held )
1 x SD Memory Card Reader

Items available and sold separately :
1 x 9v DC Plug Top Power Supply ( 240v Mains Supply )
1 x 2GB SD Memory Card


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